working aprons & JAckets

lifegear MA10E
Maong Apron Economy
Maong Apron Quality
lifegear la10Q
Welding Leather Apron
tempshield ca36
Cryogenic Apron 24"X36"
dupont qca
Tychem C Apron
lifegear LJ20
Welding Leather Apron w/ Sleeves
lifegear lwcb-20
Leather Welder's Cape Sleeves
arcsmith LG-3060
Welders FR Cloth With Leather Sleeves
a-protect ap-2530
Blue FR & Leather Sleeves Welding Jacket

working sleeves

lifegear CS10
Cotton Sleeves
lifegear MS10
Maong Sleeves
lifegear Ls10
Weldng Leather Sleeves 20"

clothing - rain suit - coat & Trousers

imported h628
Raincoat Poncho w/ Reflector
frontliner HPON-HV
EASTWOOD Hi-Vis Rain Poncho
Frontliner nponcho-ye
NORRIS Rain Poncho - Yellow
frontliner nponcho-gn
NORRIS Rain Poncho - Green
omaga mg01
Hi-Viz Green Raincoat & Trouser Green
omaga mg02
Hi-Viz Orange Raincoat & Trouser
frontliner hrcpj-y
HUNTER RainCoat & Pants w/ Reflector - Yellow
frontliner hrcpj-b
HUNTER RainCoat & Pants w/ Reflector - Blue
frontliner WRCPJ-G
WILLIS Hi-Viz Jacket and Trouser w/ Reflector - Green
frontliner wrcpj-o
WILLIS Hi-Viz Jacket and Trouser w/ Reflector - Orange
frontliner SRCPJ-G
SEAGAL Hi-Viz Raincoat w/ Reflector - Green

dupont clothing - dust & Chemical suit

Dupont ty127S
Tyvek® 400 White Coverall
dupont ty198s
Tyvek® 500 White Coverall
dupont qc127
Tychem C Coveralls Suit
dupont qf127
Tychem C Coveralls Suit
dupont tk127
Tychem TK Chemical Suit

microgard clothing - dust & Chemical suit

microgard mcfr
MICROCHEM® CFR Chemical Coveralls
microgard m4000
4000 Microchem Coveralls Suit
microgard m4000A
4000 Microchem Apollo Encapsulated Suit

clothing - coverall, shirt sleeves & LAb GOWN

lifegear LG260-HV
Hi-Vis Dri-Fit Long Sleeve Shirts - Class 2
lifegear LG20R
Coverall 100% Cotton with Reflector
lifegear LGOWN-WH
WHITE Laboratory Gown - Long Sleeves
Lifegear lgown-NB
Navy Blue Laboratory Gown - Long Sleeves
lifegear lgown-rb
ROYAL BLUE Laboratory Gown - Long Sleeve
local LGOWN-GR
GRAY Laboratory Gown - Long Sleeves
lifegear lgown-ss-sb
SKY BLUE Laboratory Gown - Short Sleeves

salisbury arcflash protection kit meets nfpa 70e standard

salisbury sk8
PRO-WEAR® Arc Flash Kits - 8 Cal/cm2
salisbury Sk12
PRO-WEAR® Arc Flash Kits - 12 Cal/cm2
salisbury SK31
PRO-WEAR® Arc Flash Kits - 31 Cal/cm2
salisbury sk40
PRO-WEAR® Arc Flash Kits - 40 Cal/cm2
74-Cal Arc Flash Jacket and Bib Kit - Cat 4
cpa ag43KIT
43-Cal Arc Flash Jacket and Bib Kit - Cat 4
Arc Flash Suit - 12 Cal HRC 2
20-Cal Arc Flash Jacket and Bib Kit - Cat. 2

clothing - cold storage

lifegear CSJ
Cold Storage Jacket
lifegear cSP
Cold Storage Pants

aluminized clothing

blue eagle AL165
Aluminized Aramid Gloves 16" 250°C
blue eagle al1
Aluminized Hood
Aluminized Coat
blue eagle al3
Aluminized Trousers
blue eagle al4
Aluminized Boots Steel Toe
blue eagle al5
Aluminized Gaiters
blue eagle AL6
Aluminized Apron with sleeves
blue eagle al7
Aluminized Apron
blue eagle al8
Aluminized Sleeves