oshalock LG-E11
Clamp-On Single-pole Breaker Lockout 120-277V
oshalock LG-E12
Clamp-On Large Breaker Lockout 480-600V
lockey LG-E13
OVERSIZED Breaker Lockout 480-600V
lotomaster ucbl
UNIVERSAL Circuit Breaker Lockout
lotomaster LCBL-T
LARGE Circuit Breaker Lockout - Toggle
oshalock BD-D22
Oversized Breaker Blocker Lockout 480/600V
oshalock bd-d16
Large Breaker Lockout
oshalock bd-d46
Industrial Waterproof Plug Lockout
oshalock LG-E31
Electrical & Pneumatic Plug Lockout

lockout hasp

oshalock bd-k42
Nylon Lockout Hasp
lotomaster dh-6
De-electric Lockout Hasp
oshalock bd-k46
OshaLock Nylon Lockout Hasp
oshalock bd-k51
OshaLock Aluminum Lockout Hasp
oshalock bd-k01
Lockout Hasp Steel 25mm / 1"
oshalock BD-K02
Lockout Hasp Steel 38mm / 1.5"

cable lockout

lotomaster SMCL
Standard Cable Lockout - 1 Meter
lockey cb01-4
Adjustable Cable Lockout - 2 Meters

valve lockout

oshalock bd-f06
Adjustable Ball Valve Lockout - 2" -3"
oshalock BD-F07
Adjustable Ball Valve Lockout - 2" -8"
Metal Wedge-Style Ball Valve Lockout - 1.5" - 3"
oshalock BD-F21
Butterfly Valve Lockout Universal
lotomaster GVL1
Gate Valve Lockout 1" x 2.5"
lotomaster GVL2
Gate Valve Lockout 2.5" x 5"
lotomaster gvl3
Gate Valve Lockout 5" x 6.5"
Gate Valve Lockout 6.5" x 10"
Gate Valve Lockout 10" x 13"
Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout

scaffold & lockout tags AND CABLE TIES

lockey lt03
Safety Warning Tag - Do Not Operate
lockey SLT01
Scaffold Tag Holder with Danger Tag
arrow CT-W
Cable Tie Color White
arrow CT-BK
Cable Tie Color Black

safety padlock

lockey cp38S
38mm Steel Shackle Safety Padlock
lockey cp76s
76mm Steel Shackle Safety Padlock
lockey CP76P
DIELECTRIC 76mm Safety Lockout Padlock
lockey alp38
Aluminum Safety Lockout Padlock - 38mm
38mm Aluminum Safety Padlock - Key Alike

Safety lockout kits

lockey lg04
Electrician Lockout Kit - Waist Pouch
lockey lg03
BASIC Maintenance Lockout Kit

safety lockout station

oshalock bd-b41
OshaLock Portable Padlock Holder
oshalock bd-b32
OshaLock 10 Padlock Station
oshalock LG-S01
4 Padlock Station - Empty
lockey LG-S11
10 Padlock Station - Empty
lockey LG01
4-Locks Padlock Station
lockey LG02
10-Lock Padlock Station
masterlock S1850E410
OSHA Lockout Station - Electrical
lotomaster lts10-C
Lockout Tagout Station Clear 10"